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escapeVektor escapes Wii, heads to 3DS and Vita


escapeVektor: Chapter 1 was one of the last few truly great WiiWare games to come along in quite some time when it launched back in September. The game features some fun puzzle-like gameplay where your objective was to guide a digital being through a console, where he was trapped. The game had some sweet minimalistc visuals and an impressive soundtrack, and I was really looking forward to Chapter 2.

It looks like developer Nnooo has different plans for the series now, though. Rather than releasing the game's four planned chapters, the studio will instead be releasing all planned content as one complete game for the 3DS and Vita. Hey, that's fine, and I look forward to checking out the complete package for myself.

According to Nnooo, each version of the game will take advantage of the 3DS and Vita's respective features. The 3DS version, for example, will sport neat stereoscopic visuals. The Vita version will feature leaderboards, and Nnooo is looking into different ways that it can utilize the front touchscreen and rear touch pad for control.

escapeVektor was a pleasant surprise, and it really brought compelling gameplay and style to Nintendo's weak WiiWare service. Here's hoping the full game succeeds on the 3DS and Vita. Seriously, if you own either of those handhelds, watch out for this one.

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