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Escape from Paradise City - Traits and Skills Overview #4 Available

November 21, 2007

Escape from Paradise City - Traits and Skills Overview #4 Available

When you can't do the job yourself, bring in some hard-hitting friends...

Today cdv Software Entertainment USA released the final installment in their guide to Escape from Paradise City. This time around, the focus is on Boris, the most corrupt cop in the city, and the skills that brought him to the attention of the government when they needed someone to flush out the criminal underworld of Paradise City. Rather than get his own hands dirty, Boris likes to let his henchmen do the work; accordingly, his skills are more related to recruiting and training helpers, as well as influencing others. For more information about the game, which features an exciting blend of RPG and strategy gameplay set in a world infested with seemingly unstoppable criminals, please visit

Part four of the guide is available at: 

Escape from Paradise City drops players into a dystopian world that combines a dark underworld and elements of the supernatural. In the game, the player is required to infiltrate the gangs of Paradise City on behalf of a powerful government agency that, despite its influence, has been unable to introduce even a glimmer of law and order to this horribly corrupt city. In an intertwining chapter-driven story, the player takes turns controlling one of three gritty characters that, for their own reasons, have “volunteered” to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the controlling crime syndicate’s power.

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