Escape Plan is the top-selling Vita game on PSN

Super Stardust Delta  - 1083915

Nathan Drake dominated February's PlayStation Vita game sales with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, much as Sony hoped with the exclusive. But downloads in the PlayStation Store favor a different title: the black and white puzzle game Escape Plan from developer Fun Bits Interactive.

Escape Plan placed fourth in overall PSN sales for February, ranking below House of the Dead 3 (third), Gotham City Impostors (second), and The Simpsons Arcade Game (first and free for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

The game passed Shank 2 in fifth place, NFL Blitz in sixth, Super Stardust Delta for the Vita in the seventh spot, Angry Birds at number eight, Super Stardust Delta: Interstellar Bundle for Vita at ninth, and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition rounding out the list.

Considering the high cost of memory cards for the Vita, I'm not surprised more digital titles didn't work their way onto the chart. Would you choose retail or download when buying games for the new handheld?

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