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Erase Your Saves in Resident Evil: Revelations


Capcom's Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D caused a bit of controversy for its decision to not allow players to erase previously saved data, a decision which led to used game retailers like Gamestop refusing to stock the title. Many developers have tried various schemes to discourage used game sales (from which they receive no profit), though this feature was a major step-up from common tactics such as exclusive DLC or restricted multiplayer access, and Capcom has seemingly learned their lesson.

Capcom has revealed today that the next Resident Evil title for 3DS will not have any restrictions on deleting save data. Resident Evil: Revelations will allow players to wipe their data clean, meaning used-game enthusiasts can happily pick up a copy without being saddled with the last player's data.

Capcom is obviously still interested in finding a way to reward players who purchase games new, and it will be interesting to see how they choose to accomplish that in the future. There are tentative reports that the Resident Evil 6 disc is coated in a deadly neurotoxin, with the antidote only available within new copies of the game. Owners of third-party copies can order a $15 "antidote pass" though they have just 48-hours before the poison reaches the logic centers of the brain. 

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