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ERA estimates PS4 sales in UK could top Xbox One by 500K

Xbox One vs PS4 controller

If estimates from a recent survey conducted by the Entertainment Retailer's Assocation are accurate, then the gaming industry can expect a significant boost in sales as a result of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launching this November. The ERA estimates that combined sales for the next-gen consoles will reach 3.1 million in the UK, with Sony's PS4 predicted to outsell the Xbox One. The company estimates revenue close to £1.2 billion as a result.

Getting into specific numbers, the ERA's research (based on a survey of 2,068 adults conducted by Fly Research) estimates 1.8 million PS4 units will be sold in the UK, equating £638.5 million in sales.

Xbox One sales, meanwhile, are expected to hit 1.3 million units. This would generate sales of £560m.

ERA notes, "In both cases, sales could be much higher if those who said they are 'likely' to buy the new consoles are included." In its current estimates, only those who responded "definitely" were included in the sales estimates. And, of course, these numbers are also dependent on the availability of consoles at launch.

It's also worth pointing out that the survey was conducted in the week commencing August 12, 2013, which was just before Microsoft announced each Xbox One in the UK would include a free copy of FIFA 14. It'd be interesting to see if this had any impact on numbers since.


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