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Episode 5 of The Tommy Wi-Show Is Live!


T.W. is back again, and this time, he's generous enough to give you a tour of San Francisco. What happens when the wicked alien forces our quirky hero to play Driver: San Francisco? Well, all I have to say is I hope T.W. doesn't have a license and isn't allowed to legally drive.

Driving on the sidewalk, hitting posts, and crashing into buildings are just a few of T.W.'s antics this week on The Tommy Wi-Show. But that's all in-game--the stuff he does while playing is even more odd. Not only does he make racist remarks, but he also takes a slight jab at homosexuals! No one can censor T.W.

Of course, the funniest moment in this episode of The Tommy Wi-Show is when he says "OK" 19 times in a row. It's strange, it's funny, it's confusing, but it's totally typical of T.W. And in case you're wondering, yes, I counted the number of times he says "OK."

Be sure to check out the fifth episode of The Tommy Wi-Show on YouTube. Also, if you want to see T.W. attempt to cross a bridge, watch the bonus video. It's worth it just to see how bad this poor guy sucks at video games.

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