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Epic Mickey 2 in Development?


Disney Epic Mickey was an incredibly promising game that sadly didn't realize its full potential. Though most individuals who played it did considered it a competent 3D platformer, it hardly offered the enthralling and mesmerizing experience that one would have hoped for. That said, it appears that Disney and Junction Point may be attempting to give the franchise another go.

According to Destructoid, Disney Epic Mickey 2 may very well be in development. It seems Disney has written up a consumer survey asking if gamers would purchase a second entry in the Epic Mickey series. The survey includes some notable details on the game, many of which are certain to garner fan interest.

Epic Mickey 2 is said to be in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii (hopefully Wii U). The game will feature a traditional single-player mode and a split-screen co-op mode where a second player can take on the role of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Once again, Disney is promising players that in-game decisions will have an effect on the environments and characters.

So, how do you feel about Epic Mickey 2? Is that something you would want to play? If the developers can fix the issues from the first game and provide a much more captivating platformer this time around, Epic Mickey 2 could be a title to watch out for. We're bound to find out more on the game within the coming months. Stay posted for more details.

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