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Epic Confirms That Bulletstorm Didn't "Make Money"


It seems like every time I check, Bulletstorm gets cheaper and cheaper. How much does the game cost now? $40? Oh, $30? Yeah, the way the price of Bulletstorm went down so rapidly is pretty insane. But given the circumstances, it definitely makes sense.

Epic Games has confirmed that their latest shooter didn't do so well commercially. According to Kotaku, an EA representative stated that Bulletstorm had "underperformed." Epic Games President Mike Capps furthered this sentiment, stating that the first-person shooter "didn't make money for us."

Of course, Capps put no blame on developer People Can Fly. "The studio has shipped AAA content," explained the Epic president. "The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great."

I really thought Bulletstorm looked like an awesome and quirky FPS. That said, its commercial downfall isn't all that surprising. After all, this was a brand new IP in a genre that is constantly filled to the brim with new content. It's a shame not many people played Bulletstorm. Here's hoping Epic and People Can Fly garner more success with their next title.

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