Epic Games to reveal Fortnite at Comic-Con

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Epic Games' upcoming survival game Fortnite will be revealed at Comic-Con, the developer announced today.

Fortnite, which is all about scavenging for supplies and surviving the night, was teased all the way back in December, but due to a lack of information and the recent announcement of a new Gears of War it has been cast into the shadows. This is the first time the general public shall have a look at it as Epic Games will unveil it on Thursday, July 12 at 10:45 am PST at San Diego Comic-Con.

G4 TV's Jessica Chobot will join the Epic Games crew as we learn from design director Cliff Bleszinski,  Producer Tanya Jessen and Lead Artist Pete Ellis about Fortnite's inspirations, gameplay details, and why Fortnite is taking Epic Games in both a classic and all-new direction.

"A lot of games say they are about survival, but they're more about going out and killing creatures.  This game is truly about enduring," Cliffy B said back in December.

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