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Epic Games' Fortnite alive and well

It's been a while since we've last seen or heard about Fortnite, Epic Games' PC exclusive survival defense game. First revealed back in December 2011, details about the the game have slowly trickled in since then. In fact, news about Fortnite has been so far and few between that Epic Games actually had to remind people back in January that they are still making it. And as evidenced by a slew of new assets, including screenshots and a gameplay video, the game is alive and kicking.

The video shows off Fortnite's two key gameplay aspects: exploring, foraging, collaborating and building by day, and defending the fortress from the forces of darkness at night. It also gives us a better look at the vibrant, colorful world Epic has created. It's a little odd seeing the Gears of War studio come out with something so cartoony, but it doesn't take anything away from the technical advancement achieved with the game. As Epic Games' founder Tim Sweeney said back in January, Fortnite is a "technical powerhouse."

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