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Epic Games Announces '12 Days of Gearsmas' for Gears of War 3


It's that time of year again, and with the holidays quickly approaching, Epic Games is rolling out the "Twelve Days of Christmas" to get you into that yuletide spirit.  Epic will be having events in-game and will also be giving away a snow mountain of prizes, according to their latest post.  Luckily, they have given us a sneak peek at the presents they have in store for us and the rest of the Gears of War community.  Although the event officially started today, below are events you can expect leading up to the Holidays.

  • Day 1- Fortifications for Free
  • Day 2- No Team Love
  • Day 3- Much Bigger Heads
  • Day 4- 4 Squawking Birds
  • Day 5- Beasts on the cheap
  • Day 6- 6 Boomers Flaming
  • Day 7- Gibbing Comets Ringing 
  • Day 8- Experience for Milking
  • Day 9- Locust Ladies Dancing
  • Day 10- 10 Lambent Leaping
  • Day 11- Snowman Heads a Popping
  • Day 12- Mortars Incoming

Gearsmas Versus Schedule

  • Day 1- Brothers to the End on all maps playlist
  • Day 2- Torque Bow Tag
  • Day 3- Can You Dig it?
  • Day 4-6- Hardcore Weekend – No rifles, gnasher/pistol only, map pickups limited to boomshot, digger, torque bow, sniper rifle. There will be NO infinite ammo mutator this time.
  • Day 7 and 8- Boom Snipes
  • Day 9 and 10- This Is My Rifle
  • Day 11- Thanksgibbing
  • Day 12 One Shot One Kill

It should be noted that this is a sneak peek and that these events are subject to change without notice.  Three ribbons will be spaced out on the 12 days and there are many more suprises waiting.  The events started today at 5:00 AM Eastern time.

As for prizes, Epic is keeping most of them a surprise, but they did link to a Gears of War 3 Vault by Calibur11.

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