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Environment screenshots of SWTOR mid to end game planets

Star Wars: The Old Republic  - 874587

Star Wars: The Old Republic has some stunning environments.  From the glaciers of Hoth to the Dead Sea of Tatooine, the scenery does not let you down.  BioWare gave gamers a beautiful representation of the Star Wars universe though the alluring environments.  While people will always complain about certain aspects of gameplay, balance, or bugs and glitches – the worlds around you are always something to enjoy.

While I mentioned Hoth and Tatooine, the game developers also deliver on non-nature heavy planets.  The Vegas like qualities of Nar Shaddaa or the metropolis feel of Corellia add that urban balance to counter the more nature heavy planets.  I for one enjoy this balance; it breaks the monotony of leveling in similar environments planet after planet.   

Note: I intended these pictures to only be towards the end game planets but I couldn’t pass up Alderaan landscapes.  There is a certain irony in Alderaan being beautiful…

As you will see, I have a personal love for Corellia’s architecture due to the numerous photos.  The sleek futuristic version of modern cities gives me a sci-fi vibe that I really enjoy.  The monorail system, parks, trees, advertisement pillars, and skyscrapers all add to this positive vibe.  Story-wise, Corellia has a savage civil war breaking out.  It’s good to see that BioWare left this urban beauty in despite the conflict. 

Speaking of a sci-vi vibe, the PvP world of Ilum give a sort of Earth moon feel.  In the screenshots below you will see both the Republic and Empire bases of operation.  I particularly enjoy the double moons above the Republic base and the meteor storm occurring over the Empire base.        

If I had to live on a Star Wars universe planet based of environment alone, it would be Voss.  It may have everything to do with autumn being my favorite season, but the fall-esque scenery is stunning.  It’s the earth tones, lots and lots of earth tone colors.  Would I get sick of autumn if it was all year round?  No.

Below is the compilation of SWTOR environmental screenshots, enjoy.  You can click any picture to make it full size.


Alderaan screenshot

Alderaan screenshot


Hoth screenshot

Hoth Screenshot


Voss screenshot

Voss screenshot

Voss screenshot


Corellia screenshot

Corellia screenshot


Ilum screenshot

Ilum screenshot

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