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Enemies in Borderlands 2 will be 'toughened up'


Enemies in Borderlands 2 will no longer be stupid, according to Gearbox.

In an interview with Kotaku, writer Anthony Burch said enemies will be "toughened up" in Borderlands 2 thanks to new group dynamic.

"If there is a leader or an alpha male around, they'll rally around him," Burch said.

The main problem with Borderlands' enemies is that enemy behavior was too simplistic and predictable.  While the Crimson Lance, the private military force found in later levels did use some tactics, the majority of enemies in the game like the psychos, bandits, and animals all had recognizable behavior patterns that were pretty easy to exploit.

Borderlands 2 will not completely drop this type of aggressive behavior at all.  In fact, not all enemies will respond tactically, Burch said.

"The Psycho is still stupid and will still run straight at you, because he's a Psycho, but there's a lot more of a group dynamic," he explained.

Enemy behavioral changes are just a few of the improvements coming to Borderlands 2.  Gearbox has repeatedly emphasized diversity in the game, with everything ranging from environments to weapons.

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