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End of Nations: developer diary in company of heroes and mercenaries video


After playing a ton of End of Nations last weekend during their second beta event, I have to admit I’m starting to get hooked.  Regardless of my personal preference, this MMORTS’ devs have released another diary video.  For your enjoyment, we are posting it.

‘Developer Diary: In company of Heroes and Mercenaries’ features information on exactly what the title suggests it does.  Hero units are bigger, badder, and unique to your faction.  These more power troops come with multiple abilities for more depth, strategy, and variety in your companies.  Find ways to mix these herpes in with your squads for powerful synergies.

Mercenaries, on the other hand, are troops you buy but don’t control.  I recall a type of match which was a 1v1 horde mode type setting where you just had to outlive the other player.  Through using in match resources, you could hire different types of mercenaries to add to your opponent’s problems.  This would give you the extra edge in winning the survival map.         

In conclusion, watch this video, think of some new company comps, and mentally prepare yourself for the next beta weekend! 

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