End of Nation's second beta weekend comes with a live stream

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Did you get your End of Nations beta on two weeks ago?  Are you playing it now?  If you answered yes or no to either question doesn’t matter, for their will be some live stream action celebrating End of Nations coming very soon.  Since that beta two weeks ago, the EoN devs have been working hard and have already updated so much already.  The current beta is already live and will end August 5th.

The live stream for this MMORTS will take place today, Friday August 3rd, at 5pm PST.  It will be on EoN own Twitch TV Channel.  This stream will be focusing on gameplay from the 4v4 Domination map, Resource Hog and an extended look at our 4v4 Base Assault type map – Blue Water.

The link to the channel is HERE.  Enjoy both the stream and the beta! 

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