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End League of Legends Season 3 with a Championship Thresh skin


Basically in the state of ranked League of Legends play right now, if Thresh isn’t banned than you can guarantee Death Sentences flying out of bushes to ruin your day. The Chain Warden is a huge player in both low level and higher level play. This tanky support character brings hard engage, pulls, displacement, and terror to the enemy team.

For these reasons, Riot Games has decided to offer their Season 3 Championship to Thresh this year. The green horror will be taking on a blue hue as a banner of what Season 3 meant this year. Thresh will be dawned in ornate battle armor, new spell effects, and a new recall animation that encompasses victory.

While Riot hasn’t necessarily said how this skin will become available, if it is anything like the Championship Riven skin from last year – those who attend the finals will get it for free and others will be able to buy it with RP for a very limited time. I’m sure Riot will be clearer in the near future.

Champ Thresh Comic

Sorry Lucian.


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