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En Masse Entertainment Unveils TERA the First True Action MMORPG

March 9, 2010

En Masse Entertainment Unveils TERA the First True Action MMORPG

Debut Action MMORPG Features Unprecedented Player Control, Rich Graphics, and Player-Empowered Community

En Masse Entertainment, a new breed of game publisher specializing in bringing engaging and innovative online properties to new audiences, has revealed the first details of its innovative and highly anticipated Action MMO, TERA. The game will be shown for the first time at Game Developers Conference 2010, March 11 to 13, Expo Booth #1134.

In TERA, players master their destiny in a richly detailed game world with a pioneering dynamic combat system. Individual player actions can transform the balance of power in a world where old rivalries are erased, and disparate races must form a common federation to stave off destruction by marauding monsters and warring gods. Currently in development for the PC by Bluehole Studio, TERA will launch in Korea in summer 2010, and Western markets will follow in winter.

“TERA is a new class of MMO that combines the depth and flexibility of online PC games with the lush graphics and immediacy of console action games,” said Dr. Jae-Heon Yang, CEO of En Masse Entertainment. “Players can go beyond factions and static storylines to write the history of TERA in real time as six races learn to work together.”

TERA innovates in three key areas crucial to MMO quality and success:

  • Action-adventure style combat: Player position, timing, and aim all impact combat, creating a uniquely immersive “explore and engage” experience that goes beyond traditional point-and-click-style MMO games. Keyboard-and-mouse controls or a console gamepad put characters right in the action.

  • Rich, Lushly Rendered Fantasy World: Six character races, eight classes, thousands of quests, a huge array of weapons and items, hundreds of different monsters, and a deep tradition of history and lore are delivered with stunning graphics and beautifully stylized animations.

  • All Action, No Faction: Players of the six races comprising the Valkyon Federation join in a common struggle against rampaging monsters, insidious demons, and the horrors of a world torn apart by the gods. Players not only control the action, they dictate the flow of the economy and impact the community environment as part of a player-centric community with unparalleled security and service.

En Masse will demo live gameplay of TERA at GDC 2010 in San Francisco from March 11–13 at Expo Booth #1134. For more general information on TERA, please visit

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