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Empire of Sports: MMO Prologue Unveiled

December 19, 2008

Empire of Sports: MMO Prologue Unveiled

Empire Of Sports Opens Its Doors To Sports Fans Across The Globe

Empire of Sports is excited to announce that the first sports based MMO RPG is entering the next phase of its development: ‘Prologue’. Empire of Sports is an online universe entirely dedicated to sports-based game play, including tennis, football, skiing, bobsleigh, basketball as well as track and field.

Having kept the game playing community to a minimum during the initial private launch phase to generate feedback from the community, Empire of Sports is now ready to welcome a wider audience and thus continue to improve through to its official launch next year.

Thanks to the continued support and feedback of the Empire of Sports community, the developers have successfully evolved and improved gameplay mechanics, community tools, and group dynamics over the last few months. The business model has also been streamlined.

True to life, players must train their avatars in order to grow their skill sets and become the best in this world of sport. Players can also purchase in-game items which will facilitate strength and stamina and improve all-round performance.

The developers are keen to make further improvements in order to perfect the world’s first platform-dedicated sports MMO. The Prologue will mean gamers can now download Empire of Sports online free of charge and join over 150 nationalities already playing online and communicate their in-game experiences to help fine tune the gameplay and the business model during the final stages of development.

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