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Empire Interactive Goes Wild For Animal Paradise

January 29, 2009

Empire Interactive Goes Wild For Animal Paradise

Venture into the Wild for a Sneak Peek of the Upcoming Animal Paradise Wild

Empire Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, today released the first selection of screenshots for the eagerly anticipated Animal Paradise Wild for Nintendo DS™. The newest addition to the Animal Paradise family will take players to Animal Island Park, home to wild animals from all over the world, where they will explore distinct areas of the island including the Savannah and Jungle, each boasting their own unique species.

“Animal Paradise Wild will introduce young gamers and wildlife enthusiasts to some of the most famous wild animals in the world, from a giant panda to an African lion cub and many more,” said Robert Lightbody, product manager for Empire Interactive. “We’re really proud of the way the game is shaping up, it’s a genuinely fun and engaging title, one we’re sure the whole family will enjoy.”

“We are delighted with the success of Animal Paradise. Sales of the title across Europe, and more recently in the US, have given us a great platform to further develop the brand," said James Spice, vice president of marketing for Empire Interactive. “We are already receiving a fantastic response to Animal Paradise Wild and will be supporting the forthcoming launch with an aggressive marketing campaign. The two titles complement each other nicely and have the potential to sell for a long time to come.”

While exploring Animal Island Park with the help of their guide, ranger Natalie, players will come across 18 baby animals to care for and love. In order to bond with their new friends and gain their trust, animal lovers will be challenged with a series of mini-games and animal quizzes. To keep in true Animal Paradise spirit, the new addition to the franchise will also offer fun facts and photos for all 18 animals.

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