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Emma Frost joins Marvel Heroes with game update 1.2

emma frost marvel heroes

Game Update 1.2 for Marvel Heroes has arrived, and with it comes new character Emma Frost. Emma Frost brings some brand-new game mechanics -- like mind controlling enemies to become her minions -- to the game. She can also change into her Diamond Skin form for tank-melee abilities on a whim. You can purchase her in-game or through her special, limited time Hero Pack.

She's not the only addition with update 1.2, though. Among other changes are two new difficulty modes: Heroic and Super Heroic. Players can unlock Heroic mode by defeating Doctor Doom or reaching level 30. They can reach Super Heroic mode by defeating Doctor Doom on Heroic mode or reaching level 45. These new difficulty modes bring better loot, more experience and more rewards. You also encounter new enemies and challenges are different than playing the game on Normal.

The defense system has also been completely overhauled. There's improvements to how Crit and Dodge rating works, and gearing for defense should now be viable for any type of hero. This might be especially good for these new difficulty modes. If you're starting the story from the beginning, you'll notice a brand-new starting quest to stop an ongoing bank heist in Queens. It brings and encounter with Black Cat, and it's a nice new starting area for players. 

Two new item types are now in the game: Relics and Unique items. Relics are powerful fragments from epic civilizations. They give the player bonus stats and can be stacked up to 999. Unique items are powerful, but rare. They can be slotted in any of the five basic item slots and bring exciting abilities with them. 

To read the full patch notes for Game Update 1.2, you can read them HERE.

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