Elise, the Spider Queen, is live in League of Legends

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Spiders are the worst.  They are the definition of fear.  What’s worse than your average spider?  HOW ABOUT THE QUEEN OF ALL SPIDERS!?  Yea.  Elise, the Spider Queen is live in League of Legends.  The arachnid lady can do a bit of everything really; AP nuke, jungle, assassinate, you name it.  This two stance lady has an incredibly strong kit that can work wonders for combos with just her alone.

I watched her spotlight, which can be found below, and during the entire process my jaw just kept drooping lower and lower.  I understand the purpose of Champion Spotlights is to make the champion desirable to purchase but dahhhhhhhhhhm.  Her ability to chase, snare, kite, and escape is remarkable.  Let’s not forget her damage isn’t too shabby either.

As a mid player with a hatred for spiders, this is my nightmare.  I think I’ll just need to embrace my fears and become the enemy; or some other cliché. 


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