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Elijah Wood revealed as voice actor for Tim Schafer's adventure game, Broken Age

Broken Age

Turns out, fans still love and want more adventure games! Tim Schafer took to Kickstarter and got his project funded to over 3 million, when all he was asking for was $400,000.

On Spike VGX, Tim came on to talk a little more about Broken Age and revealed some of the voice actors in the game. Aside from Jack Black, the other main character, name Shay, will be voiced by the young Hobbit himself, Elijah Wood. You know, the guy who's also in Wilfred. Or the guy who ate other people in Sin City.

The new trailer spotlighted Shay's character and his life on a space station, where he's constantly sheltered by an artificial AI, who never allows him to venture off into danger.

Broken Age will feature two distinct stories that will weave together. You'll be able to switch back and forth between each character and their storylines run parallel to each other.

You can look forward to getting your hands on Broken Age in early 2014.

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