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Elemental Kingdoms kicks off Thanksgiving mobile card-battle tournament

Elemental Kingdoms - Therapod

Starting today, Perfect World Entertainment is hosting a Thanksgiving tournament event for its strategic trading-card-battling game Elemental Kingdoms.

Players can win up to $1,000 in Zen (Perfect World's currency) and other prizes from now through Tuesday, Dec. 3 by competing for top rankings on the player-versus-player leaderboard.

Phase One lasts until Thursday, Nov. 27. During this time, challengers must reach level 11 and unlock the Arena to participate in PvP. Players who do so will automatically receive the new four-star Therapod card and can move on to Phase Two.

The second phase runs from Nov. 28 through Dec. 3, the end of the event. Players can dual opponents in the Arena and compete in ranked matches for the most wins and a chance to earn prizes, which are as follows:

Grand Prizes
1st Place - $1000 in Zen & 1,800 Gems (a $20 value)
2nd and 3rd Place - $100 in Zen & 800 Gems (a $10 value)
4th and 5th Place - $50 in Zen & 300 Gems (a $4 value)

In addition, all players can win fire tokens based on the number of ranked matches they play.

Participation Prizes
Play 200 Ranked Matches-­ 15 Fire Tokens
Play 140 Ranked Matches - 10 Fire Tokens
Play 100 Ranked Matches ­- 7 Fire Tokens
Play 80 Ranked Matches - ­ 5 Fire Tokens

An Arc ID or Facebook log-in is required for participation.

Elemental Kingdoms launched on the App Store in October. It's designed as a card game for players who hate "pay-to-win" mechanics.

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