Elder Scrolls Online subscription content feels like 'regular and consistent DLC'

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Bethesda isn't concerned about charging prospective players of The Elder Scrolls Online $15 a month for a subscription. It's a better value than free-to-play.

"We feel pretty strongly about the support we're going to have for the game and what you're going to get for those dollars," the publisher's vice president of PR, Pete Hines, told GameSpot.

"We're also very confident in our ability to support it with content. And not content of the magnitude of, it's a new month, here's a new sword or here's a funny hat — but content that is real and significant and it feels like regular and consistent DLC releases."

Hines said those will come "every four weeks, five weeks, six weeks." The Elder Scrolls Online launches for PC and Mac on April 4 and then June for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game will also require that everyone have the same content available to them — "either you're all in or you're not," said Hines.

Bethesda isn't going to make The Elder Scrolls Online free just to get more players. In that version, it would have to depend on base sales to allocate resources for new content.

"That just seems like a lesser game, and we're not going to make a lesser game that might be more palatable," he said.

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