Elder Scrolls Online has a cash shop to buy "kinda fun stuff"

The Elder Scrolls Online Screenshot - Bethesda is Quietly Becoming a Top Tier Third Party Publisher

On top of a $15/month subscription -- which I'm still amazed publishers are going with, considering they all go free-to-play within a year -- The Elder Scrolls Online will feature a cash shop. Lead developer for the game, Matt Firor, talked about it briefly in an interview with the Germain website

"there won't be anything like 'bonus points' but we'll have a shop to buy kinda fun stuff and services too, like name changes and things like that. But it's not part of the core game, anything in the core game is included in the subscription price."

That's good to know. I'm assuming by "fun stuff" Firor means aesthetic changes. I just find it odd that a game already requiring a subscription from the player to play, is going to be seeking more money with a cash shop. As long as it isn't pay-to-win items in the shop, it should be fine, but if I'm paying $15/month, I think everything should be accessible -- not what they consider part of the core-game and not part of the core-game. 

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