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Eidos Prepares to Unleash HIGHLANDER

January 18, 2008

Eidos Prepares to Unleash HIGHLANDER

Eidos Interactive today announced the upcoming release of HIGHLANDER for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Games for Windows.

Based on the cult film and television franchise, HIGHLANDER lets players experience immortality as they take control of Owen MacLeod in a third person action adventure spanning 2000 years of history.

Embark on a unique journey through time, fighting a variety of enemies in highly detailed and destructible worlds. Experience first-hand, the bloody combat of the medieval highlands of Scotland, the discipline and ruthlessness of facing the Samurai in Japan and even the no-holds-barred combat of modern-day New York.

In HIGHLANDER you must master the powers and abilities of an Immortal including; the ability to use your body as a conduit to unleash electricity or fire at enemies, impaling yourself on enemy weapons to disarm them and even leaping from tall buildings to your apparent death on the streets below to avoid enemy attacks. Players can upgrade their own abilities by defeating other Immortals in combat. Once defeated, by removing an Immortal’s head from their body, generates the Quickening; which is the ability to absorb the knowledge and strength of the defeated.

“HIGHLANDER itself is a cult classic. Practically everyone has heard of it and we wanted to offer the first ever next-generation videogame of the franchise,” said Darren Barnett, Development Director, Eidos. “Having a central character that is immortal and has roamed the earth for 2000 years opens up so many gameplay opportunities in terms of story, environments, predicaments and enemies – HIGHLANDER is a thrilling adventure for both fans of the franchise and fans of explosive, fast-paced third person action games.”

"For the first time, HIGHLANDER comes to fans in a new medium that allows players to dive into the Immortal universe," said Peter Davis of Davis-Panzer Productions. "The interactive experience permits players to gain a completely different perspective of the mythos, and experience the powers and advantages of immortality through the eyes of a MacLeod."

Highlander is written by David Abramowitz (writer of the Highlander TV series) and uses the Unreal Engine 3 licensed from Epic Games, Inc. Developed by Widescreen in France, the game is set for release later this year on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Games for Windows.

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