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Eidos Announces Traxxpad for the PSP

March 5, 2007

Eidos Opens the Gateway to Creativity on the PSP with the Portable Music Studio Traxxpad

New Application for the PSP® System Enables Professional Grade Music Production On-the-Go

Eidos Interactive Ltd. today confirms that it will publish Traxxpad, an application which transforms the PSP® into a powerful piece of professional music studio equipment, in North America this spring 2007.

Traxxpad blends the power of sequencers, drum machines, and keyboards while simultaneously making the equipment easy to use and accessible, allowing anyone to create, mix and sample their own tracks at home or on-the-go. Music making can be as fun and easy as simply pressing buttons, or as in-depth and detailed as the user wants to make it.

“The PSP system is so much more than a gaming platform,” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Robert Lindsey, Eidos, Inc. “Traxxpad utilizes the PSP® system hardware to its fullest. It produces professional music, and makes it easy to do, providing an end result that is more fun and satisfying than completing a pre-defined task in a game.”

The key to the intuitive design of Traxxpad is its utilization of different high-end, music-making modules which focus on different aspects of music making such as sequencing, song assembly, and melody creation. Sounds can be assigned to specific buttons, and inputted into a sequence by rhythmical button presses. To make the game accessible to people will all musical skill levels, if a sound is off-beat, Traxxpad automatically associates the sound to the nearest 16th note, allowing immediate, great-sounding results.

“It’s one thing to make a powerful music device, but it is truly impressive to make an application that allows someone unfamiliar with music to make something that sounds professional,” said Marketing Manager, Kevin Gill, Eidos, Inc. “That is where Traxxpad excels. This is a piece of software that appeals equally to both aspiring musicians as well as professional music producers.”

Equipped with over 1000 stock sounds which range from drum samples to exotic instruments, the extensive sound library ensures that there is always variety to choose from. If more is needed, Traxxpad can also be utilized as a Sampler, utilizing its compatibility with the PSP® system microphone. Sample anything, anywhere, and then use the wave editor to trim, adjust gain, normalize or reverse the recording. Most importantly, Traxxpad allows users to export their songs to .wav or .mp3 files, enabling production to be as easy as burning to a disc or transferring to a MP3 player.

With Traxxpad, players now have the ability to make a sick beat, the perfect song, or the best ring tone the choice is up to them, and creativity knows no bounds.

Developed by Definitive Studios, Traxxpad is set for release exclusively on the PSP® system in North America this spring 2007.

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