Eidos Montreal teases Deus Ex: The Fall: 'Are we ready to begin?'

Deus Ex: The Fall Screenshot - Deus Ex: The Fall

My body is ready, Eidos Montreal. No longer do you need to tease me with Deus Ex: The Fall. Just yesterday the Canadian development studio, responsible for Human Revolutionposted an intriguing little message on their Twitter, reading: "Are YOU ready for The Fall?"

What could it mean? Is it some late DLC for Human Revolution, a game which was released almost two years ago? Or is it... a brand new entry in the franchise? Interestingly, Eidos Montreal is currently developing the new Thief game. Is it possible they are working on two titles at once? 

With E3 just a week away it doesn't seem like we'll have to wait that long to find out. Then again, why wait until E3 at all? A follow-up teaser video was posted shortly after, asking the mysterious question: "Are we ready to begin?" There's not much else to see in the video other than the date "05/06/03," which indicates some sort of reveal could occur tomorrow. Check out the video below and maybe you can find something that I missed.

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