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eFun, Inc. Announces iVoodoo for the iPhone and iPod touch

August 15, 2008

eFun, Inc. Announces iVoodoo for the iPhone and iPod touch

Have you ever wanted to make your own voodoo doll and stick it with pins to achieve either a negative or a positive outcome? Then iVoodoo is the answer for your magical and spiritual needs. In today’s society it can be difficult to carry around several different voodoo dolls all stuck with pins. But with IVoodoo you just launch the application on your iPhone or iTouch and you will be able to discretely manifest destinies, at any place, at any time!

oeFun, Inc., an interactive entertainment development company, announced today that iVoodoo is now available for your device via the App Store or through iTunes. iVoodoo supports up to 5 dolls at one time. You can choose male or female and name your doll. The best part is you can give your doll a face, by either choosing a photo from your photo library or by taking a fresh snapshot with the camera.

Features include:

  • Seven different pins - Positive, Negative, Wealth, Power, Success, Spirituality and Love.

  • A meditative aid for focusing your energy in order to imbue your pin with power.

  • A pin color hint system to familiarize you with the different powers of the different colored pins.

  • iVoodo looks and feels like a standard application.


  • Hit the + button on the top right to add a doll and set the details.

  • iVoodoo is divided into 2 different parts: add a voodoo doll & view or manage pins.

  • In the view mode, you can touch the face to pull up your photo library or use your finger to scroll

  • through your voodoo dolls.

  • In the pin mode, you can stick pins in the doll or remove them.

  • Color hint mode provides information about the magical properties of each pin color.

  • Touch the screen to move the pin around and then hit te button to stick the pin in the doll.

About the App Store:

iVoodoo is available exclusively through the App Store. Tap into the App Store and you’ll find applications in every category—from games to business, education to entertainment, productivity to social networking. Applications for iPhone take advantage of its groundbreaking features such as Multi- Touch, GPS, and the accelerometer. And they can all be downloaded wirelessly to your iPhone.

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