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Edmund McMillen Reveals More Info on The Binding of Isaac


The Binding of Isaac is quickly becoming one of the hottest upcoming indie games to watch out for, and its September launch for PC couldn't come any sooner. Developer Edmund McMillen recently revealed more info on Shh! Mom, and needless to say, The Binding of Isaac is definitely something worth getting excited about.

While some gamers may not take too kindly to McMillen describing his upcoming shooter as a roguelike, the indie dev insists that The Binding of Isaac does indeed fall under that category. "It's as much a shooter as it is a roguelike," stated the developer. Alluding to the game's randomly-generated stages, perma-death, and RPG elements, McMillen said, "There are just way too many roguelike tropes to not use that title to describe."

Though the game will definitely feature an RPG feel, the developer clarified that The Binding of Isaac would not use a traditional leveling system. Instead, gamers can expect loot-based mechanics. "Traditional leveling seems a bit played out," said McMillen. "I wanted to do a loot-based system for Isaac and didn't really feel like turning the game into an XP grind."

Can Super Meat Boy fans expect a similarly difficult experience with The Binding of Isaac? McMillen says that's hard to explain, as the loot system rewards players and gameplay generally invites multiple play-throughs. "It's hard but I think you get enough feedback and unlockable items as reward to keep people easing their way through, eventually getting to the end."

The Binding of Isaac will land on PC (and only on PC, as McMillen doesn't want to deal with similar bullshit to the Xbox Live Arcade debacle with Super Meat Boy) next month. Watch out for it.

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