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Edmund McMillen's Basement Collection physical edition bundled with Indie Game: The Movie


The Basement Collection from indie developer Edmund McMillen is getting a full retail release on Merge games. You'll be able to snag the compendium of McMillen's earliest works for $19.99.

The compilation features Aether, Coil, Grey Matter, Meat Boy, Spewer, Time Fcuk (one of my personal favorites), and Triachnid. The Basement Collection also includes some sweet extras, and this retail edition comes packed with a 36-page booklet of art from McMillen's childhood.

To sweeten the deal, a copy of Indie Game: The Movie is being bundled with this set. The documentary chronicles the struggles of developers Team Meat and Polytron while Braid dev Jonathan Blow dishes out words of wisdom throughout. It's good stuff, and a great inclusion for this set.

The Basement Edition is due out for retail release on March 15. If you pre-order more titles on Merge Games, you'll score a discount and save some cash, so look around and see if there's anything else you like.

[Merge Games via EdmundM]

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