Ed + Danielle is the official Meat Boy, Isaac, and Theory of Cute shop (Updated)

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Edmund McMillen and his wife Danielle have opened up shop and are ready to sell their awesome indie wares. The shop seems to be designed specifically for folks who dig merchandise based on Edmund and Danielle's previous works. This includes plushies, posters, figures, and comic books.

The merch list is a bit on the low side as of this writing, but that's to expected considering Ed + Danielle (a lovely name for the online shop, by the way) just popped up. Currently, you can snag, well, all the stuff I just mentioned in the last paragraph. Didn't read it? What the heck? Okay, you can snag plushies, posters, figures, and comic books. Well, a comic book to be exact. Issue number two of that sweet Super Meat Boy comic book to be even more exact. Jeez, you sure like prying the details out of me!

Aside from the Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac stuff, you can also snag Theory of Cute merch. That's Danielle's original brand of plush toys and accessories.

I look forward to seeing the selection of items grow on Ed + Danielle. If you're a fan of all things McMillen or just dig awesome figures and plushies, keep an eye on the site, because there's bound to be some more sweet stuff down the road.

Update: It looks like Ed + Danielle isn't open for business just yet. As explained by Danielle on Twitter, "The store is not actually open yet and I just listed a few things to see how they look :)" She also explained that the shop was moving from its previous home on Etsy, where Edmund and Danielle managed to turn out roughly 4,600 combined sales. Here's to another 4,600+ once the new shop launches!

[Ed + Danielle]

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