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Easter Egg reveals Avengers Tower

the avengers iron man

I'd give a 'Spoiler Alert' here, but if you haven't seen The Avengers by now, I don't feel bad for you. So remember that part at the end of The Avengers when Stark Tower had the S, T, R and K blown off the tower, and all that was left was the A? We all thought, 'oh, that's cute. The A is for Avengers. Nice little touch Joss Whedon.' Well, it turns out that A might be more than just a nice little touch. It might be an easter egg for The Avengers 2.

Thanks to Totalfilm (via Worst Previews via MTV... headache), we have a still of the plans for the new STARK Tower that Tony Stark was looking over with Pepper Potts. The plans say in the lower left corner "Avengers Tower," and then was looks like "Training Area." So could this be the new residence for The Avengers in the next film?

avengers tower

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