Earthbound will make its way to Virtual Console thanks to pleading fans

Earthbound Screenshot - 1144886

The cult classic, Earthbound, is finally making its way back to North America through the Virtual Console. Thanks to the 30th Anniversary of Famicom, Nintendo is releasing various classic games each month for an extremely discounted rate of just 30 cents. That didn't stop gamers to check out what Japan is getting instead. To their surprise, Japan got the wonderful Mother 2, or as we know it in the US, Earthbound.

Message boards, forums, and even the Wii U channels got a massive outcry from fans to bring Earthbound to the US virtual console. Turns out, sometimes a little bit of pleading, goes a long way. Iwata has officially announced that Earthbound will indeed be making its way to the US Virtual Console, although a date has not been given.

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