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Earth Defense Force 2025 trailer showcases the war on giant bugs

Earth Defense Force 2017 is, to this date, one of my guilty pleasures for the Xbox 360. It's charm through terribly cheesy lines, odd physics, and overall B-movie quality made it one of my favorites on the system, if solely for its crazy premise.

While we reported earlier on the existence of a new Earth Defense Force game, it was only set for Japan. However thanks to D3Publisher, we'll be able to shoot giant bugs in the face in the new Earth Defense Force 2025 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

So what can we expect from this iteration? Taking place eight years after the original game, the bug menace returns and its one again up to EDF to restore humanity!

No specific release date has been given, however you can look forward to shooting giant bugs in the face later this year.

You are mankind's last line of defense!

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