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Earn weapon upgrades with Street Pass in Resident Evil: Revelations


One of the coolest pieces of 3DS technology is Street Pass, letting console owners wirelessly swap data with other gamers they pass on the street. Presently the usage of this technology is a bit limited, though Resident Evil: Revelations is looking to offer a big incentive to keeping your 3DS in sleep mode, letting players earn new missions and weapon upgrades from other owners of the game.

These bonuses will take the form of "parachute drops," appearing within player inventories. Once opened players will find out the nature of the reward they've discovered, either a new item for use in game, additional enemies to battle in the game's RAID mode, or new missions, which grants rewards upon completion.  The weapon attachments definitely look to be the coolest bonuses however, adding interesting perks when equipped to the game's available firearms. 

You can read the full details about Street Pass functionality on the official Capcom blog, though it's clear that RE: Revelations is shaping up to be the next killer app for the 3DS. Are you willing to plunk down the $50 for this premium portable title? 

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