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Early Bonus Edition of Shattered Suns Now Available

September 28, 2007

Early Bonus Edition of Shattered Suns Now Available

Clear Crown Studios today announced the launch of an Early Bonus Edition for their upcoming science fiction PC game, Shattered Suns. Set in space, Shattered Suns gives game players a chance to design a custom fleet of space ships, expand their stellar empires across planets and moons, and battle enemy fleets in all three dimensions with over 50 unique weapons and defenses.

The Early Bonus Edition now available includes a downloadable version of the game that will be released shortly before the game hits store shelves in first quarter of 2008, making Early Bonus Edition customers the first to receive the game. The Early Bonus Edition also offers an exclusive level in the game’s campaign, giving Early Bonus Edition customers extra challenges, storyline background, and characters not available in any other version of the game. Another exclusive offering included in the Early Bonus Edition is behind-the-scenes bonus content such as high-resolution renderings of space ships and concept artwork of campaign characters.

Early Bonus Edition customers will also have a chance for their own names to be included in the game itself. The game’s campaign includes a story line with a wide variety of characters commanding space ships and space stations. Prior to the public release of Shattered Suns in the first quarter of 2008, Clear Crown Studios will hold a drawing to select three Early Bonus Edition customers who will be given an opportunity to name a campaign character, ship, or space station using their own names or the names of family or friends.

The Early Bonus Edition will only be available for a limited time. Clear Crown Studios introduced the Early Bonus Edition as a reward for customers who pre-order Shattered Suns. As such, the Early Bonus Edition will no longer be available upon the game’s release in the first quarter of 2008.

Anyone interested in ordering the Early Bonus Edition can do so on-line at while the Early Bonus Edition remains available. Fans of science fiction and RTS games wishing to find out more about Shattered Suns can visit the official web site at

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