Early Xbox One adopter shows what it's like to get banned by Microsoft

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox One

Target is either making some people extremely happy, or pissed off. Probably a little of both. As it turns out, around 150 customers who pre-ordered their Xbox One from Target have received theirs early. Of course, those people were ecstatic to be one of the first ones to play the Xbox One. However, Microsoft is taking action against those early adopters by soft-banning their console, not their Gamertag, until the Xbox One has released.

One of the early adopters, a duo of father and son, have made a few videos of the Xbox One experience, showing things like boot-up, the console's ports, controller, and of course the fact that they can't do much with the console since they aren't allowed to perform the mandatory day one update.

Here's a video of him turning on his console, and failing to connect to the internet to perform the mandatory update.

Here we get a look at the console and its ports, standard stuff.

The gamer's father does the intro here, pure cheese, but it shows how quickly it boots into the Dashboard when it's in the Standby state and just saying "Xbox On."

And lastly, here is a video of the controller and headset.

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