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Early Captain America: Civil War Critic Reactions Are Overwhelmingly Positive

"Epic Nerd Tears!"

Last night the first press screening for Marvel's highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War debuted with many people saying it's the best Marvel film yet. Fans will have to suffice with these Twitter reactions as proper reviews for the film won't be allowed until after April 13th when the film is shown for more members of the press.

So, what exactly has everyone buzzing? For starters, Spider-Man and that airport battle that we have seen so much of in the trailers.

Captain America: Civil War is a complex mystery posing a big, fun superhero film. Lots of themes and emotions. Very unexpected & VERY good.

Captain America: Civil War: A pseudo-Randian movie where superheroes fight each other can mostly make sense? Huh!

I think it's safe to say Captain America: Civil War is going to be one for the history books. WIth Marvel having the confidence to show the film a month before the film debuts in theaters, it's probably going to overtake Batman v Superman financially and critically. Come back next week when we round-up the reviews from the film, both good and bad.

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6th.

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