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EA Trying Again, Next Basketball Sim Coming in Fall 2012


The cancellation of NBA Elite was one of the more interesting game killings of late. After a bug-ridden demo was released, EA snuffed the game completely. With NBA games living and dying by their release date, Elite couldn't survive a delay.

Following the cancellation, EA restructured their studios and moved the development of their next basketball game to Tiburon. Now EA has announced that the new game (currently unnamed) will be coming in fall of 2012. That's a pretty long way off, but the idea is to give them ample time so the same mistake doesn't happen again. "We have top talent on the game, and we're giving the new development team time to deliver a superior experience," said EA Sports president Peter Moore.

In the meantime, EA will fill the void with more NBA Jam. The company announced that NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be coming to XBLA and PSN in October. The last NBA Jam started life as a retail release on Wii. It was meant to be packaged as a bonus with NBA Elite on 360 and PS3, but when the game was canceled, Jam got a retail release on those consoles, as well. This new version will is going the download route and will also skip the Wii--probably how the game should have been released in the first place.

The new NBA Jam may not tie over fans waiting for a true basketball sim, but it won't be short on new features. A cooperative online campaign, online roster updates, and new AI are but a handful of additions. If the silliness of NBA Jam isn't your thing, NBA 2K12 arrives later this year.

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