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EAs Crosswords For Dummies Available Today on

January 27, 2009

EA’s Crosswords For Dummies Available Today on

Exciting news for fans who can’t get enough crossword puzzles. Crosswords For Dummies, the next video game from EA based on the world-famous For Dummies brand, is available today for PC download in the US, Canada and UK on, EA’s online gaming destination.

In Crosswords For Dummies, crosswords novices and pros can learn, practice, and play challenging puzzles featuring multiple difficulty levels and in categories with wacky themes, like “Spaced Out,” “Eats and Treats” and “Extra! Extra!”

Players will be introduced to helpful puzzle-solving tools like “Crosswordese,” words frequently found in crossword puzzles but rarely used in everyday conversation. In the practice mode, players will find multiple hint options including additional clues and letter inputs.

With the help of simple hints, tricks and tools, players will find themselves completing crossword puzzles in record time, and plowing through the game’s 300 puzzles.

Crosswords For Dummies is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and has an MSRP of $19.99. For more information, visit

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