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EA Employee Leaves, Creates Classy Farewell Game


I know a guy from an old job who decided to leave the company by calling our former boss and leaving him a message, saying that he was a scumbag and a filthy womanizer. He also told the man's sons, who happened to be his friends, about all of the things their father had done. You can leave a job you hate that way, or you can do what former EA Tiburon staff member Ben Burbank did.

The former Madden software engineer harbored no grudges in his departure. Instead, he created a special tribute game for his colleagues at EA. The result was a touching five-minute tour that gave some exposure to the talented and hard-working folks at EA.

The tribute is titled "So Long, Old Friends," and it is a simple side-scrolling farewell letter that showcases many of the talented friends Burbank will leave behind as he pursues other ventures. During the quick interactive experience, Burbank thanks numerous EA employees including sound designers, the Madden team, and many others. Visually, the game looks a lot like Superbrothers: Swords & Sorcery EP, so it is definitely a stylish way to go out.

So Long, Old Friends is more of a heartfelt goodbye than an actual game. It's a nice way for Burbank to say "thank you" and move on with his endeavors in the industry. Check out So Long, Old Friends to get a glimpse of the bonds Burbank formed at EA.

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