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EA Addresses Mirror's Edge Cancelation Rumors


The Internet has been burning up over the past few days in regards to rumors that a pitch for Mirror's Edge 2 was turned down, effectively canceling any chances of a sequel surfacing for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Despite the game's low sales numbers, players and critics praised the game's sense of style and unique gameplay that managed to shine through despite a few noticeable rough patches.

In a statement to 1UP, an EA representative said that Mirror's Edge is "an important franchise." The rep went on to say that DICE had started focusing solely on Battlefield 3 and ended the statement by saying that the company had "nothing further to announce."

Just how important is Mirror's Edge to EA? Could it be that the company has decided to put development on hold for the time being, causing sites to assume that the title had been canceled? Details are definitely up in the air, but we're likely to find out more as time passes and EA opens up about the matter.


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