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EA to reveal next Medal of Honor title at GDC


When you think of the best, most coveted first-person shooter franchises, Battlefield and Call of Duty instantly come to mind. The two series lit up the Internet last year with cheapshots at one another, making the fall an enjoyable season for first-person shooter fans. Many may forget, though, that Battlefield wasn't the first franchise to challenge Call of Duty. In 2010, a little game called Medal of Honor hit, and despite an impressive marketing campaign, the game flopped critically. Nonetheless, sales for the title were impressive, and EA promised a sequel. 

Small amounts of information have hit the web the past few months about the Medal of Honor sequel, and today, publisher EA announced that they will be revealing the game next month at GDC. The official event is set for March 6 at 8:00 PM PST.

The real question is will we see a new Medal of Honor title in 2012? Developer Danger Close has been working on the sequel since the release of the first game, and with DICE going "prone" this year with Battlefield, it may be the developer's best chance to take down Call of Duty. Hopefully this time the game will be worthwhile, and the multiplayer won't just be Sniper: Ghost Warrior. 

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