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EA: 'Titanfall will not only be highly rated, but very highly rated'


Looking to quell concerns that EA and Respawn may be rushing Titanfall to make its March 14, 2014 release, EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund expressed pure confidence in telling investors that the highly anticipated online shooter will "not only be highly rated, but very highly rated."

"So on the quality side, and if we're rushing a game, I would say no, we're not doing that at all," Söderlund said in response to questions about the game being rushed.

"This is a very experienced, seasoned team, one of the best in the industry," he added. "They've got a bunch of great games under their belt. We have been monitoring and working with them for a long time. This has been a game that's been in development for multiple years. And all the data that we have in front of us suggest that this game will not only be highly rated, but very highly rated.

"So I feel better than I would normally feel at this time, on a game like this," Söderlund said.

Titanfall, despite not being ready at the launch of Xbox One, has been the major attraction for Microsoft's next-gen system. The game has been on display at many media and consumer events where the overall reaction has been extremely positive. Titanfall will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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