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EA talks more about All Drive, Customization and banking some sweet Speed Points in Need for Speed Rivals


Today we got to see some of the personalization and customization options slightly more in-depth, coming from EA's earlier announcement, for Need for Speed Rivals.

All Drive will destroy the line between single player, co-op and multiplayer elements. It's also going to be easier than ever to find things to do in the world, races to partake in, and challengers to crush.

Everything you do in the world earns you Speed Points, which can be used to unlock various car customizations, upgrades, as well as new cars. Players will also be able to complete challenges on the Speedlist, which also further unlocks new items and upgrades. Players can join up and help each other complete their Speedlist objectives.

Rivals also features a risk vs. reward system, where after a race, if a player is still in pursuit by the cops, they can either choose to bank their Speed Points, or put them all on the line to either win more, or lose them all.

Lastly, after seven years of not being on a Need for Speed game, the Ferrari 458 Spider will be available.

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