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EA retracts post blaming PS4 update 1.5 for system 'instability'


Electronic Arts has removed a post in which the developer/publisher of several PS4 launch titles blamed the system's day-one update (version 1.50) for "stability issues" causing "crashing/freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their TV screen."

In a statement to Kotaku regarding the removal, an EA representative stated: "The message on EA's Help site was posted in error. Players with questions about PS4 connectivity can visit for the latest updates."

The original post read:

Sony has released a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 that is required for many features on the console. However, this update also results in stability issues while playing games on the system.

This affects all games on the PS4, including EA titles, causing crashing/freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their TV Screen.

Unfortunately since it's an issue with Sony's firmware, it requires a new update to fix it. Sony is working to resolve the issue as quickly as they can. They will update their System Update page as new versions are made available, and we will keep this page updated as we find out more.

It remains a mystery as to how such a post could be created -- if indeed an error -- and why it went live to begin with. The PlayStation 4 has undoubtedly had its fair share of glitches hampering today's launch. Reports of consoles bricking and PlayStation Network connectivity issues have been running rampant since 12:01am today, when the console first started releasing to the general public. Although we've had mixed results when attempting to connect to PSN, Sony's support site claims "difficulty connecting to the network or downloading content" is caused by the "extremely high volume" of users. The good news is Sony is working on resolving the issue.

How has your day-one experience with the PlayStation 4 been so far?

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