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EA registers a slew of Battlefield domains


Get ready for a lot more Battlefield. A LOT MORE. Electronic Arts has secured the domains for its Battlefield franchise all the way through Battlefield 20. Whether or not the series will get that high remains to be seen, but EA isn't taking any chances.

The publisher/developer registered each of the dot-com domains for Battlefield 13 through Battlefield 20 on May 2 through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC). The publisher now owns the every Battlefield domain up to 20 except for through Battlefield which are owned by parties not associated with EA, according to Fusible.

Given the success of DICE's last first-person shooter, Battlefield 3, and the hype for Battlefield 4, there's perfectly good reason for why EA would want to secure the domains for possible future installments. Talk about long-term planning. I can't even decide what I want for lunch until about two minutes beforehand.

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