EA Proposing to Shut Down Harry Potter Developer

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In recent company statement, publisher EA has proposed the idea of shutting down Bright Light Studios to "help centralize development on future projects." While EA assures the industry that closing the studio's doors will better the company, it's a shame that we may not be seeing anymore Harry Potter titles. 

The statement read: 

"After a review of all current and future projects, Electronic Arts has started a formal consultation process with its Bright Light employees over the proposed closure of the studio." Furthermore, there's apparently an upside to the whole thing. "The proposed changes will help centralize development on future projects, reduce development costs, and will allow for better knowledge and talent sharing within the organization," continued the statement. At least Bright Light employees are currently being assessed for reassignment."

While Bright Light has only officially been around since 2008, the studio developed from Bullfrog Productions after they absorbed into the EA structure in 2001. Since then, the studio has been hard at work with the recent Harry Potter games along with other EA titles. We hope for the best with the "reassignment" of Bright Light employees.

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