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EA: PlayStation 4's connectivity 'really plays into what we do very well'


It's no secret, heading into the next generation of gaming, that Sony is really looking to improve its online experience. With an emphasis on the social aspects of gaming through a more streamlined UI coupled with what many hope to be a much-improved PlayStation Network, the PlayStation 4 is definitely taking this whole online gaming thing more seriously. And it plays right into EA's plans of a connected gaming experience with its own titles.

Speaking to Fox, as part of the news outlet's PlayStation coverage, EA COO Peter Moore expressed confidence in Sony and the PlayStation platform.

"Sports has always been popular on PlayStation," Moore said. "The EA Sports brand was built on the PlayStation platform. The connectivity now that the PlayStation Network provides really plays into what we do very well, so games like Madden and FIFA will do exceedingly well on PlayStation 4 and powered by the PlayStation Network."

Moore added, "Our Battlefield 4 franchise launching on October 29 will be monstrous on PlayStation 4."

Although EA has maintained it is platform-agnostic heading into next-gen, the company has several deals in place with Microsoft regarding exclusive content like early DLC for Battlefield 4, entire exclusive games like Titanfall (also on PC), and even a free game offered with each Xbox One sold at launch in Europe. This has led to the perception of a "strategic tilt" against Sony which EA Labels' president Frank Gibeau referred to as a "messaging error" on EA's part, while acknowledging the potential for Sony exclusivity deals as well.


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